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Menopause Weight Gain

Menopause weight gain is one of those stages that most women are afraid of. This is because weight gain during menopausal does not only indicate that they are indeed aging but also means that they cannot really control the drastic changes that their body will go through.

But, women should not sulk into the great pit of depression once they start to gain weight during menopausal because this does not mean that they are not doing something for themselves. They should realize that as people—especially women—age, their bodies will not have the same function as it did ten years ago. They should realize that this weight gain caused by menopausal is really inevitable.

Once they have accepted this fact, it will be easier for them to get out of the depression and start thinking of ways that can help them minimize the gaining of weight. Experts say that weight gain is one of the common problems women in their midlife stages—those who are in their 40s and 50s—complain about. Most of the complaints include the “uncontrollable” bulges in the hips, thighs and abdomen which can be unsightly of they remain using the clothes they used to wear.

Although there is nothing much that can be done once weight gain in menopausal stage rushes in, there are some things that can be done to minimize and totally prevent it while you are younger. What causes weight gain menopause? To be able to avoid suffering from too much weight gain caused by menopause, one of the things that younger women should do is to understand what the reasons behind this weight gain are.

Once they were able to discover and understand these causes, they can do something about it. The following are just some of the common reasons that causes weight gain. Younger women should be very well aware of these causes so they can plan some ways to avoid gaining weight too much:

1. Less exercise. This is the considered as the number one reason why more and more women experience menopause weight gain. Studies show that as women age, they tend to move slower that is why they keep on accumulating fats on specific areas of their bodies. To avoid menopausal weight gain, younger women or even those who are in the border line can start increasing their physical activities by having regular sets of daily exercise and workout that is specially designed for them.

2. Increased food intake. This is also a major reason why women gain too much weight during their menopausal stage. Experts say that as women grow older, their appetite increases which leads to the accumulation of too much calories which later on becomes fat since they are not able to burn it right away.

3. Inability to burn lesser amounts calories. Studies show that this is also a great factor that contributes to menopause weight gain since it replaces fat with calories which are harder to burn. Once the muscles in the body are replaced with fat, the metabolism will be slower which will lead to deposits of fats in the body. Women who have menopause weight gain in their family histories are more prone to this condition.

To avoid suffering from the burdens of menopausal weight gain it is best to include healthy foods in the diet, having a regular set of physical exercise and visit the doctor once in a while for a general check up.


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